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Phoebe and Ben’s Story

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When Phoebe and Ben are asked what they like about Eden Cottage, Ben immediately talks about the family and community feel he experienced on his very first visit. 

“I can’t even recall how we found Eden Cottage,” says Ben. “We had just moved to Auckland and were looking for somewhere to live and it was important that there was a good childcare centre nearby. I think it was my mother who suggested we check out Glen Eden as a suburb and Eden Cottage for our daughter, Abagail.”

“Ben went down to visit Eden Cottage,” says Phoebe. “He’s a primary school teacher, so I knew he’d know what to look for and check it out thoroughly. He came back so enthusiastic, talking about the family atmosphere and the positive attitude of the staff whose genuine care for the children was obvious.”

The experiences of that first visit were confirmed once Abagail was enrolled and had her first day.

“Everyone and everything about Eden Cottage was so friendly and inviting. We very quickly felt at ease and Abagail really connected with Crystal [the Head Teacher]. The way we look at it is, if our children are happy, we’re happy.”

Since then, Abagail has graduated from Eden Cottage and Phoebe and Ben’s son Nate is now attending. When he finishes, it will be the turn of the youngest brother, Matt.

“When people ask us about Eden Cottage, we talk about the high quality of teaching staff, but it’s more than that. We like that there is a Christian aspect to the learning and appreciate the good values the children learn. We are also grateful for the cultural diversity and the creativity that is put into recognising and celebrating the customs of others. The special cultural days full of dancing, singing and ethnic food are highlights for our children and it’s so nice to have them come home excited to tell you what they have learned that day.”


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