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The one constant within our suite of Youth Solutions training programmes is change but amidst it all, young people are provided with training, employment and, best of all, hope for their future.

Youth Solutions is made up of four programmes, Youth Services, EP3, Youth Justice and Alternative Education.

As the year came to an end, our Youth Services team were working with 67 young people who were on the Youth Payment or the Young Parent Payment, and 41 in the Not in Employment, Education or Training category. Of these young people, many are eager to work and requesting support with CV preparation and other activities that will help them gain employment.

Having to cancel vital budgeting and parenting programmes because of Covid left a real gap in the support we were able to provide to our young people. One positive, however, is that now that Covid is over the seven members of the Youth Services high school team are running programmes. Topics include time management, interview skills, budgeting, and basic life skills.

Youth Justice walks alongside youth referred from the courts or police and helps them set their lives back on track. Throughout the year, several young people achieved this. Some gaining employment, others returning to school or alternative educational programmes.

Our MVP has had a name change and is now called Employment Preparation, Placement, Programme, or EP3. The programme spends eight weeks preparing young people to move into employment by helping with employment skills, and self-development and then journeys with them for a further four months of mentoring as they fit into employment.

A major challenge has been the increasing incidence of hardship and mental health issues that make it difficult for participants to complete the preparation part of the programme within the allotted eight weeks.

For all our youth programmes, the greatest reward is seeing young people accomplish the goals they have set themselves, be it gaining their driving licence, finding a job, opening their own bank account or some other achievement.

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Our response to youth employment and training needs

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Dahlia’s Story

When a young person experiences a family breakdown, it’s tough. With no place to live and no income or support, it’s difficult to know who to turn to. Dahlia found support through the Youth Services programme at Visionwest.

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