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While confidentiality prevents us sharing client stories, some did agree to us sharing their comments about their positive experiences at the Visionwest Wellbeing Centre and the Kotuitui Counselling in Schools Programme (names have been changed to ensure privacy).

Wellbeing Centre Clients

June came to the Wellbeing Centre struggling with issues related to long Covid.

“I wanted to reach out and say how thankful I am for the sessions I had with my counsellor. I have long Covid which is so disabling and incredibly hard. Speaking with my counsellor helped me in a real time of need.

Tama was finding various aspects of his personal life challenging and sought help from the Wellbeing Centre.

“Counselling allows me to share my feelings without being judged. I felt understood and validated during my counselling sessions. I also learned skills to work on my challenges.”

Kylie was able to move forward with her life thanks to a new-found self-confidence.

“One of my favourite things I learned from my counsellor was the importance of focusing on and defining myself according to my values and who I am as a person rather than my achievements. It really helped me with my self-esteem.”

Parent response to the Kotuitui School Counselling Programme

“The in-school counselling has been really useful for my daughter, Ashley. She has learned tools such as ‘breathing like a dragon’ to help her manage her emotions especially when she is worried or anxious.”


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